When to Use the “Speak-to-Sell” Method and Strategies

The “speak-to-sell” method is the art of convincing someone to alter their beliefs or to act on something that you suggest.

It is different from manipulation wherein you are actually influencing someone using indirect and deceptive tricks. With “speak-to-sell”, you are actually working towards persuasion.

Persuasion is a more delicate form of art that is both useful and powerful. Proper execution can help you influence others and can make you aware of the different techniques that other people tend to use in an attempt to change your beliefs and behavior.

Still, the art of persuasion which is one aspect of “speak-to-sell” is useful in a lot of ways and its end-results can be considered as benefits of good communication. It comes in handy for most jobs, career choices and endeavors, in building relations and in influencing others.

Here are some of the top purposes of “speak-to-sell” methods and strategies;

Job Interviews

During job interviews, your goal is to convince the interviewer that you’re qualified for the job. You must be able to sell your skills and knowledge and present yourself as someone that suits the position perfectly.

If there are several applicants for the position, having the ability to “speak-to-sell” can give you a competitive edge.

“Speak-to-sell” methods are useful during job interviews wherein you have to sell your skills and abilities to prove that you’re qualified for the position.

Speaking Engagements

When speaking in front of an audience, it is important to win over their attention. You must be able to convince them that you’re worthy of listening to and that you deserve their time.

This is important if you’re a motivational speaker or if you want to have an inspiring speech. For you to create an impact to your audience, you must be able to persuade them to embrace and acknowledge your message.

Events Hosting

I’ve been hosting events long enough to know that courage and confidence are not enough to execute the job well. You must have an ability to draw people’s attention and provide good entertainment.

I’ve seen hosts that have cringe-worthy skills and it’s an unpleasant thing to remember. Knowing how to “speak-to-sell” means having the ability to carry out the task smoothly and with class.

Business Meetings and Conferences

If you’re a businessman, you must have a dignified aura that screams authority and leadership. To complete the package, you must know how to manage the communication aspects of your job well.

Therefore, it is crucial for businessmen and professionals working in the corporate field to know the language of business and to have the skills necessary to convince people about their products, services and other causes.

The same strategies can be applied when trying to win deals and business partnerships.

Learning the ropes of “speak-to-sell” can help you become more convincing during your presentations, sales pitches and business meetings.

Sales and Marketing

Salesmen and professionals working in the field of Personal Relations (PR) and marketing are the ones who can benefit the most from “speak-to-sell” methods.

The strategies actually have direct impact on their jobs and on their income. Having the power to persuade and convince people can yield higher sales, better profit, more clients and even more opportunities for personal and business growth.

Persuading Women

The art of persuasion comes in handy among men who want to score dates with multiple women. This is very common among pickup artists (PUA) who consider themselves masters of seduction.

They persuade women to go to bed with them or to spend intimate moments whenever they want to or at their own terms.