Qualities that Define an Excellent Speaker

There are many books and resources that can reveal to you principles of effective communication. But from a personal point of view, I also want to impart what I have learned based on my own experiences.

We could all agree that it takes guts and confidence to be able to speak in public or to approach a woman that we want to know better.

More challenging than that is taking action to convince them to give us their time and attention so we can convey our message effectively.

It takes skill, practice and experience to master the art. But it all starts with the basics.

An excellent speaker has the ability to convince, persuade and influence people.

Here are that qualities that define an excellent speaker in order to convince and persuade people;

Certainty about your intentions

Be yourself and never pretend to be anyone or anything you’re not. This is the only way you can be certain about your personal intentions.

Keep in mind that honesty is still the best way to convince people and to win them over. So be specific and certain about your motives; and find a way to penetrate your audience.


Treating ourselves and other people as commodities puts a lot of pressure in dating and communicating. It steals away the fun elements and genuine motives.

So why not see the situation simply for what it is.

If you’re promoting your business, just state what you have to offer and your best products and services. If you’re on a romantic date, consider it as a meeting of two people who are trying to find a connection with each other.

Instead of trying hard to impress and scoring points, just treat the other person or your date with sincerity and good faith.

A clever sense of humor plays a vital role in becoming a good and exceptional speaker. It can help draw attention and encourages interaction with your audience.

Good Sense of Humor

Nothing could be more appealing that having a good sense of humor. There are four tips on how you can work on this.

First, wait for the perfect timing. Second, avoid being offensive and never make personal remarks. Third, don’t try too hard because this can make you look less genuine. And fourth, be sensible when making comments.

Remember that having a good sense of humor comes naturally.

It all starts with being smart and confident and knowing the right moment for it. This is also an important speak-to-sell strategy that works on a lot of occasions.


Always be sensitive about your listeners’ reactions. In your attempt to “speak-to-sell”, never lose sight on how some people might feel on certain subjects.

Avoid making sensitive remarks particularly ones that point to specific races, religions, beliefs, cultures and political standpoints.

Instead of talking non-stop and executing your speech, make certain adjustments to accommodate your audience’s feelings and differences.

Be aware that people can have diverse reactions and you cannot win them all in a single strike. So it’s best to practice sensitivity to gain more positive responses.

Be mindful about your listeners’ reactions and practice sensitivity to draw good responses.


A good speaker is assertive in a positive way. This refers to the ability to draw responses from people without trying too hard.

It is the art of convincing people without being pushy and overly aggressive. Assertiveness means being driven by passion and having the authority to talk about something that can create positive results from your audience.