1345 W. First Street
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Performance Credits

Elvis GI Blues
Feature Films
Addams Family II
Artists and Models
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
(Academy Award 1970)
The Bellboy
Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind
Curtain Time
The Deadly Dolls
Escape to Witch Mountain (original version)
The Gallant Men
Games (Academy Award Nomination 1968)
G.I. Blues
Golden Child
Holy Moses!
Hunt the Man Down
Isle of Forgotten Sins
King Bore
The Monster that Stalked the Ocean Floor
Mr. Satruday Night
#10 Eldorado Street
George Pal Puppetoons
Paris in the Spring
Poor Little Rich Girl
Puppet Masters
Run Shadow Run
A Star is Born - Judy Garland version
Snow White & the Three Stooges
Star! - Julie Andrews
Susan Slade
Thoughts on Creativity
(Academy Award 1967)
Tom Thumb
What's the Matter with Helen?
Zabriskie Point
Special Projects
Promotional windows at Disneyland (5 years)
Promotional windows and Disneyworld (2 years)
Knotts Berry Farm - Animated displays
Mac Tonight masks for McDonalds
McGruff masks for walk-around characters
MTV Videos - Gary Coleman, Michael Jackson (MTV Award)
Set Decoration for Piinocchio starring Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney


Adventures of Bobo
Ben Stiller Show
Curiosity Shop
Code Three
Doctor Kildare
Disney Presents "Special Effects"
Faerie Tale Theater
Gallant Men
Bobby Goldsboro Show
Hawaiian Eye
Hiram Holiday
I Spy
Kite Flight to Moonland
Land of the Giants
The Magician
Men into Space
Mister Wishbone
Moppet and Mr. Scherzo
Murder, She Wrote
My Three Sons
Nanny and the Professor
Ozzie and Harriet
Primetime Glick with Martin Short
Star Trek
Theater Beat
Tree House Club - Children's Crusade
Truth or Consequences
Villa Alegre
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Wild Wild West
Television Variety
Art Linkletter Show
Bandstand Revue
Bozo's Big Top
Colgate Comedy Hour
Dinah Shore Show
Hollywood Palace
Jerry Lewis Show
Lawrence Welk Show
Madhouse 90
Panorama Pacific
Regis Philbin Show
Red Skelton Show
Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Dunkin' Donuts
MD Tissue
Signal Oil
Pet Milk
Guild Wine
Pick Ice
Del Monte
Triumph Motorcycle
Pepto Bismol
Big Boy Hamburgers
Glendale Federal Saving
Carnuba Wax
Lever Bros.
Goodwill Industries
Old Gold Dancing BOxes
Girard Dressings
Burger King
National Orange Show, San Bernardino, CA
Great Western Dairy Show, Los Angeles, CA
Kings' District Fair, Hanford, CA
Southern California Exposition, Del Mar, CA
Merced County Fair, Merced, CA
Monterey County Fair, Monterey, CA
Santa Cruz County Fair, Watsonville, CA
Western Idaho Fair, Boise, ID
Mother Lode Fair, Sonora, CA
Shasta District Fair, Anderson, CA
Antelope Valley Fair and Alfalfa Festival, Lancaster, Ca
Tulare County Fair, Tulare, CA
Kern County Fair, Bakersfield, CA
Madera Dist. Fair, Madera, CA
Napa Town & Country Fair, Napa, CA
Marin County Fair, San Rafael, CA
Plumas County Fair, Quincy, CA
Riverside County National Date Festival, Indio, CA
Los Angeles County Fair, Pomona, CA
Silver Dollar Fair, Chico, CA
Solano County Fair, Vallejo, CA
Tulare County Fair, Tulare, CA
New Mexico State Fair, Albuquerque, NM
Orange County Fair, Costa Mesa, CA
Stanislaus County Fair, Tulare, CA
Calif. State Fiar and Exposition, Sacramento, CA
Kentucky State Fair
Calistoga Fair, Napa Valley, CA
Fairs and Expos in Canada: P&E, C&E, Edminton, Calgary, Red Deer